Tuesday, November 14, 2017

First Draught, Second Draft - American vs British Spelling

For many years I -- a good American -- worked in a British colony editing magazines and newspapers. Took me awhile to work out the details, but here's my collection of differences between US and Brit spellings.

General Rules
  • The æ dipthong: air (æro), eon (æon), anemia (anæmia), anæsthesia (anesthesia), archeology (archæology), bougainvillea (bougainvillæa), cesarean (cæsarean), chimera (chimæra), encyclopedia (encyclopædia), esthetic (æsthetic), etiology (ætiology), feces (fæces), gynecology (gynæcology), hematology (hæmatology), hemorrhage (hæmorrhage), hemorrhoids (hæmorrhoids), leukemia (leukæmia), medieval (mediæval), orthopedic (orthopædic), pederast (pæderast), pediatric (pædiatric), pedophile (pædophile), paleolithic (palæolithic), paleontology (palæontology), presidium (præsidium), primeval (primæval)
  • The œ ligature: diarrhea (diarrhœa), edema (edœma), esophagus (œsophagus), estrogen (œstrogen), fetal (fœtal), fetid (fœtid), fetus (fœtus), gonorrhea (gonorrhœa), homeopath (homœopath), maneuver (manœuvre), pharmacopeia (pharmacopœia)
  • The dropped e: judgment (judgement), likable (likeable)
  • The inexplicable American double-l: appall (appal), distill (distil), enroll (enrol), enthrall (enthral), fulfill (fulfil), install (instal), instill (instil),
  • The inexplicable British double-l: caliper (calliper), calisthenics (callisthenics), filet (fillet)
  • Words ending in er/re: accouterments (accoutrements), caliber (calibre), center (centre), liter (litre), meter (metre), theater (theatre)
  • Words ending in g/gue: _log (_logue)
  • Words ending in ize/ise: _tize (_tise), _izing (_ising), _ized (_ised)
  • Words ending in yse/yze: _lyze (_lyse), _yzing (_ysing), _yzed (_ysed)
  • Words ending in or/our: _bor (_bour), _dor (_dour), _lor (_lour), _mor (_mour), _vior (_viour)
  • The ection/exion suffix: connection (connexion), inflection (inflexion)
  • The ense/ence suffix: defense (defence), license (licence), offense (offence)
  • The let/lette suffix: epaulet (epaulette), omelet (omelette)
  • Suffixed words ending in l: _lated (_llated), _lation (_llation), _led (_lled), _lest (_llest), _ling (_lling), _list (_llist), _lity (_llity), _len (_llen), _lor (_llor), _lous (_llous), _lry (_llery), _ly (_lly)
  • Suffixed words ending in e: aging (ageing), binging (bingeing), eying (eyeing), gluing (glueing)
Irregular Spellings
  • Almanac (Almanack)
  • Aluminum (Aluminium)
  • Artifact (Artefact)
  • Ax (Axe)
  • Balk (Baulk)
  • Bevy (Bevvy)
  • Behoove (Behove)
  • Biased (Biassed)
  • Busses (Buses)
  • Check (Cheque)
  • Chili (Chilli)
  • Cozy (Cosy)
  • Clarinetist (Clarinettist)
  • Cipher (Cypher)
  • Disk (Disc)
  • Draft (Draught)
  • Filter (Philtre)
  • Flutist (Flautist)
  • Gases (Gasses)
  • Gage (Gauge)
  • Gram (Gramme)
  • Gray (Grey)
  • Griffin (Gryphon)
  • Groin (Groyne)
  • Gypsies (Gipsies)
  • Jail (Gaol)
  • Misspelled (Misspelt)
  • Mold (Mould)
  • Molt (Moult)
  • Mustache (Moustache)
  • Pajama (Pyjama)
  • Phony (Phoney)
  • Plow (Plough)
  • Pizzazz (Pzazz)
  • Pouf (Pouffe)
  • Practice (Practise)
  • Pretense (Pretence)
  • Sheik (Sheikh)
  • Skeptic (Sceptic)
  • Smolder (Smoulder)
  • Story (Storey)
  • Sulfate (Sulphate)
  • Sulfur (Sulphur)
  • Siphon (Syphon)
  • Ton (Tonne)
  • Tire (Tyre)
  • Wagon (Waggon)
  • Worshiped (Worshipped)
  • Yogurt (Yoghurt)
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